Cultural Consumption: Task 17

Learn a new word for each day of the week

Monday: ‘corvine’ adj. of or like a raven or crow, especially in colour. Comes from 17th century Latin, corvus meaning ‘raven’.

Tuesday: ‘thoracolumbar fascia’ covers the deep muscles of the back; it is attached to the ribs and to the spine.

Wednesday: ‘panspermia’ noun. is the theory that  life on earth originated from micro-organisms or substances present in outer-space. Comes from 19th century Greek, panspermos meaning ‘containing all kinds of seed’.

Thursday: ‘calando’ adverb. music, gradually decreasing in speed and volume. From Italian, meaning ‘slackening’.

Friday: ‘solicitous’ adj. showing interest or concern. Origin: 16th century Latin.

Saturday: ‘conterminus’ adj. sharing a common boundary. From 17th century Latin, meaning boundary.

Sunday: ‘stringhalt’ noun. a condition affecting one or both of a horse’s hind legs, causing exaggerated bending of the hock.

My favourite words in the English language are ‘Calibre’ meaning the quality of someone’s character and level of ability and ‘Camaraderie’ meaning the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

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