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Changing a colour photo to black and white

Experimenting with portrait photography continued…

Research for live projects

Primary Research

Photography and Lighting workshop at college

General experimentation


Secondary Research Bibliography

Creative Conscience Competition

Burgess, J., Green, J., Jenkins, H. and Hartley, J. (2009). YouTube: online video and participatory culture. 1st ed. Cambridge

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Live Briefs




Experimenting with portrait photography

I’ve been to a few photography and lighting workshops, and have kept in mind what I have learnt from them when shooting on location. They were mainly addressing how distances of light sources affect concentration of light and positioning of subjects and myself for different effects. These are some portraits (my parents so far, but I will photograph more people), where I have experimented with talking to subjects; making them forget about the camera by keeping it below the line of eye contact which allows me to take photos with more natural expressions.

1/80 sec;   f/1.4;   ISO 125.

I want to continue taking portraits as I am intrigued with this methodology, and believe it will help me to take better photos, regardless of subject or genre.

Future/possible Live Briefs

I have been approached for a number of photography opportunities, and have agreed to take part in them all:


An event for a Leeds based charity before the end of April. Photos will appear on their website.


Promotional photos for a North Yorkshire band.


Promotional photos for an established musician (not allowed to say who it is just yet).


A Leeds Jewish charity that has asked for me to photograph an event, which will take place in June and early July. Photos will be shown in the Evening Post and Jewish Telegraph. This has been confirmed.


Some of these may take place after the deadline for this module, and some may be rescheduled or cancelled.